Our terms and conditions are simple.  Since 1996 LostMoney.com, along with consumer advocate Wayne Warrington, have served millions of consumers by assisting them with the location, identification and recovery of over 1 Billion dollars.

Our goal over the next few years is to help consumers recover over $40 Billion.  To do that, we need your help. By using our site we ask you to spread the word through your social media, friends and family. Let them know they may have a claim, and please help them search through the free resources LostMoney provides. 

Do not abuse our system, it is costly to maintain and it is funded by donations designed to help millions of consumers every year.  Do not copy, steal, spam or otherwise abuse our system and data. Never ever abuse the privacy rights of the consumers using our system to locate and recovery their money. 

This is NOT a business for profit, LostMoney.com is a "not for profit" entity dedicated to supporting and protecting consumers across North America, while helping them pay it forward in life by actively supporting the charities, communities, churches and business sponsors that make our services possible through their efforts and financial support.  We will never ask you for a fee for the work we do for you, so please be respectful with our staff's time and efforts on your behave. We have never ever, sold, rented, or shared our consumer member's data and we will continue to protect your personal information in every way we can.

In order to achieve our goal of recovering billions for consumers with no fees for our services or reports, we have partnered with FarSuperior.com an online community of the best businesses "services and products" in North America. This community, since it's inception in 1999, has continued to maintain the trust and integrity in protecting consumer data as well, which serves it's mission of Exceeding Consumer Expectations. As a part of our new enhanced model to help consumers recover their lost money, we will make introductions to you, our consumer members, of fully vetted businesses, products and services, that match your interests, as you update with us from time to time.  There is no obligation to buy from any of the recommendations we make to you. However if and when you do, please know you are paying it forward by helping us fund the research and build the resources used by your family, neighbors and community members in the months and years ahead.

Thank you and may God bless you, your family and our communities throughout North America.  

~ Wayne Warrington, Founder and Consumer Advocate.